Samsung Denies Raising Prices on iOS Chips

Earlier this week it was rumored that Samsung would be increasing the price of the chips Apple needs to make iOS devices, today Samsung is denying these claims in several Korean newspapers.

According to The Verge, Samsung isn’t (and can’t easily) increase the price of components that it sells to Apple:

Speaking with Korean newspaper The Hankyoreh, the unnamed official added that prices were agreed upon at the beginning of each year and “aren’t changed easily.”

Monday’s report in rival paper Chosun claimed Apple and Samsung have a supply agreement that runs through to 2014, and unless “special cost factors” were involved, unit prices have traditionally stayed level.
From: The Verge

Honestly, the whole Samsung-Apple relationship is something that makes reality TV look…normal. Apple needs parts from Samsung. But Apple and Samsung are suing the snot out of each other over who has infringed on whose patent. Apple has won and lost cases. Samsung says it isn’t going to settle. And when it comes down to it, they are really the only big players in the smartphone market right now.

You know, maybe my opera analogy of the whole smartphone market wasn’t so far off.

Image via iFixit