Siri will let you order movie tickets in iOS 6.1

Earlier this week Apple released iOS 6.1 Beta to developers and the first new features we saw reported were better Maps error reporting and lock screen improvements (UI changes), today we have word that in iOS 6.1 Siri will help you get to the movies.

According to 9to5Mac U.S. movie goers will be able to tell Siri what movie they’d like to see, even something as vague as “that new Pixar movie”:

Img 0615
From 9to5Mac

Developers have reported that this feature isn’t supported by all theaters (supported theaters are listed with a little ticket icon), and (as stated above) this only works in the U.S. Tickets are purchased through the Fandango and if you don’t have it installed, Siri will help you with that.

Make or break feature? Not really. Interesting? Certainly.

Check out this post to find out what else is new in iOS 6.1. If you have iOS 6.1 installed and have found something new, let us know! We’d love to share what cool, new features you’ve come across.

Via: 9to5Mac