Top 10 Free iPad Games

Looking for a few new games for your iPad? How about a few of the best free games on the iPad? Thought you’d like that. I’ve picked my top 10 favorite free games for the iPad so you can smash piggies, blast aliens, and cause all sorts of all other mayhem…for free.

While I was making this list it was a) hard to keep to just 10 (so I didn’t, really) and b) I debated about freeium games. In the end I stuck to just ten (sorta) and included freeium games because, well, a lot of great games (and my favorite ones) are freeium. It would seem a shame to leave them out.

Last note, I promise, I’ve linked to the HD version of the game if the is the app isn’t universal.

Without further ado…

Top 10 Free iPad Games

1. Any of the free Angry Birds games: Yeah, yeah cop out, sneaking in more than one game…but hey there are lots to pick from and they are all fun. So:

2. Words with Friends: It’s fun, it’s classic, and helps build brain cells.
3. Draw Something: Doodle your point across! Or cheat and just write it out. Regardless a stylus helps…a lot.
4. Letterpress: I stink at this game, but I can’t argue with its popularity. It might not be the coolest game for graphics, but that doesn’t take the fun from playing.
5. Temple Run: Run, jump, slide…watch out for that…tree. Ouch. Short learning curve and I need to try this on my mini. On the full sized iPad it gets to be a workout!
6. Fruit Ninja HD: Slash, splat! Another game that using a stylus adds a whole new dimension to…
7. Jetpack Joyride: Swoosh! Thud. Yeah that’s about how far I usually get. Gotta practice more…
8. Catapult King: It seems simple to start, but then you get to levels where, like Angry Birds, sequence is everything. Very addictive!
9. Cut the Rope: My wife loves this game, I get kinda bored, but then there is always Cut The Rope: Experiments Free to try too (see that, snuck another app in there!).
10. CSR Racing: The other iPhoneHacks writers clued me into this game and said: “You have to include it!” Okay! I guess I have a new game to try when I’m done with this post!
Bonus: MetalStorm: Wingman: This is an easy flight, dog fight game that is fun to play. Unlike a lot of other flight games, it’s easy to fly and flight and not crash into a mountain.

Reading this list I’m sure some of you might say “What about…” and you know what, if it’s free and fun, leave it in the comments. There are tons of games out there and theres’ always room to try a new free game.