What’s New in iOS 6.1 Beta 2: Passbook, Panorama, iTunes Match, and Advertiser Identifier

Today iOS 6.1 Beta 2 was seeded to developers and there is surprising little new to talk about. Which makes me think iOS 6.1 is going to focus on stability and performance instead of new features.

Here’s what we know:

New in beta 2:

  • Panorama is back in iOS (yikes! I’ve just started getting good with shooting them, hate for it to go south already!)
  • iTunes Match allows you to download individual songs again (let’s hope we can delete them individually too soon!)
  • Passbook now has a better welcome screen to explain what it does
  • New button to reset your Advertising Identifier (iDownloadBlog notes that the button was in Beta 1 as well, maybe it didn’t function)
Img 0666
Reset ad id

And as a reminder…

What was new in Beta 1

That’s it right now seven new things that developers have tested—and shared. We (the folks here, I’m not using the royal we) think it’s pretty odd not to have more new things to talk about. My bet, the new stuff will come in the later betas, just before RC. Maybe Apple still has some tricks up its sleeve and wants to show off a little.

From: 9to5Mac and iDownloadBlog