1Password 4 for iOS makes password management a pure pleasure

1Password has been a part of my Mac arsenal for ages, and once it came out for iOS I was excited to add it to my iPhone as well. And with the arrival of 1Password 4 for iOS, the team at AgileBits has taken both its user experience and user interface to a whole new level of greatness.

This version of 1Password for iOS just seems cleaner and crisper than its predecessor, and it’s clear that plenty of thought went into the entire iOS user experience – you can see it on each and every screen. Unlike on the Mac (or on Windows machines, for that matter), you don’t have a ton of screen real estate on iOS devices to play with. But 1Passsword 4 for iOS makes excellent use of the limited screen space that iOS devices offer. You can easily select the different screens in the lower portion of the screen, and there’€™s a few new options that this version brings to the table that are definitely worth exploring.


This is one screen that is a welcome addition to the app. Any of the things that you access most frequently should go here. You can add Favorites through the Favorites screen itself (just press ‘Edit’ and add them in one at a time) or when you select any given item you can simply press the star at the top of the screen and it will automatically show up in the Favorites screen from now on.

I’ve been waiting for this feature for a long time, and have only started to add my most-used logins to this screen. I have a strong feeling that this is where much of my 1Password 4 use will begin and end.

The Browser

1Passwrod 4 for iOS sports a fully-featured online browsing experience that adds a ton of functionality to the mix. Now you can do more with the iOS browser it offers than ever before, including accessing it simply and easily with a quick pull tab located in the bottom right corner.

I tend to use a lot of password-protected sites, and 1Password has generally acted as my second browser on iOS up until this release. That’s no longer the case. It is used more than Safari these days, and that’s because the browser in 1Password 4 for iOS is up to the task.

Categories and Folders

This version of 1Password has added more selections in terms of categories, and that allows you to really get more granular with what should go where when organizing your 1Password items. You can add to categories right from within the app (using a similar method as you’d use for Favorites, as was mentioned above), and you can also add new folders if you’d like.

Sure, you’ll have to spend some time getting things set just right in this app if you want to go that route, but once you’ve done that then you’ve added another layer of productivity to an already very productive app

Items of Note

As with any major update, there are a few caveats. First off, 1Password 4 for iOS requires iOS 6. That means that you’ll need to make the upgrade to use it if you haven’t yet – and this app is one reason to finally take that step.

One of the other great things about 1Password 4 is it’s universality. You can get it for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. No more wondering if you’ve got the right version on your device – it’s one app for all platforms.

Finally, the new regular price is $17.99. That may seem steep for many users, but to have password security and convenience rolled all into one app is well worth that price. And the overall improvements make it a worthy upgrade from the older versions of 1Password.

That said, AgileBits is launching the app for a limited time at just $7.99. Now that’s a killer deal.

All in all, 1Password 4 for iOS is a massive step forward for this impressively powerful app. The user experience is greatly improved and the feature set is greatly enhanced. 1Password 4 for iOS has taken password management on iOS devices to a whole new level of greatness, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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