Facebook Helping Advertisers to Install Apps Without Leaving the Facebook App

Facebook is helping developers—and advertisers—get more people to install iOS apps right from the Facebook app itself, without needing to leave the Facebook app. This doesn’t, however, signify anything more than Facebook tapping into existing iOS APIs within its own app.

TechCrunch got the jump on folks with their post:

Today’s news extends a deepening relationship between Facebook and Apple. After snubbing it in favor on a Twitter integration in iOS 5, Apple extensively baked Facebook into iOS 6, allowing OS-level sign in to Facebook so you can instantly authenticate into third-party apps with social integrations. There’s also quick sharing to Facebook, and contact sync that lets you bring your Facebook friends’ profiles into your device’s address book.

Now Facebook is using the mini-App Store dialog to boost the value of its recently launched mobile app install ads. These let developers pay to show an image, description, and install button for one of their apps within the Facebook news feed. It’s part of Facebook’s play to dominate the app economy by controlling discovery outside of the App Store and Google Play.

And before people started wondering about a closer relationship between Facebook and Apple, TNW points out that really Facebook is just helping devs take advantage of existing iOS APIs:

The feature, as Benjamin Mayo points out, relies on a new object called ‘SKStoreProductViewController‘, which allows an app to display the store to the viewer without interrupting their app session. It’s a nice feature that was facilitated by the fact that Apple changed new app install behavior to not drop users out to their springboard every time they installed an app. Now, apps are installed in the background and noted with a ‘new’ badge.

Nice try TechCrunch getting us all worried over nothing.

Via: TechCrunch and TNW