Flickr Relaunches iPhone App with Photo Filter, But Could it Really Signal Closer Ties With Twitter

Today Flickr pushed out a major update to their iOS app (something that has been lackluster for a long, long time), and while it looks nice (I just reloaded it onto my iPhone), the more interesting part is who is providing the new filters for the app. The filters are provided by the same folks who helped Twitter with their app. Does this signal a closer relationship between Yahoo! and Twitter?

Flickr once was a paragon of online photo sharing. Proudly born in Vancouver, purchased by Yahoo! and…languished. I still have tens of thousands of photos there, but I haven’t renewed my Flickr Pro subscription and I don’t know if I will. Flickr hasn’t been too swift on the whole mobile app space, but CEO Marissa Mayer knows that mobile is the future and is betting big on it.

First the new Yahoo! Mail app and today the new Flickr for iPhone app. All of this is awesome, but what I thought was really interesting was who provided the filters for Yahoo! to use in the app—Aviary.

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Sound familiar? They should because Aviary is who provide the filters for Twitter.

I read this two ways:

  1. Aviary is doing a great job at licensing their tech to companies (I’ve always been a fan of their web-based photo apps).
  2. Twitter and Yahoo! might be growing closer than we suspect.

Really 1 is probably more likely than 2, however if Yahoo! and Twitter were to team up, it would present Yahoo! with a whole new strategy and angle on not just the mobile market, but a whole social network of people.

Via TNW.