Great Video Apps for iPhone and iPad


If you’re shooting video on your iDevice, we know that the basic, default Camera app isn’t too bad. It does the job and you can get to it from your Lock screen so it is very convenient. There are time, however, when you want to step it up a notch and do something a little more interesting. Whether it’s just a more advanced video app, something a little retro, adding special effects, or even making your own stop-motion videos, here are some apps that can add a little flair to your videos.

Beyond the basics video apps

Blux Video ($2.99) Separate apps for iPhone and iPad. Blux Camera is still one of my favorite (maybe my favorite) alternate camera option. The video app from Blux is really great for making a polished movie in minutes. It sports built-in filters inspired from movies, automatic background music, and split screen effects.

VidCam PRO $0.99 This iPad only (but I hear that an iPhone version is coming as well) video app is designed by a professional videographer it sports many of the features videographers will appreciate like white balance, exposure lock, and adjusting RGB level individually. Although mounting your iPad on a tripod might take a little more doing than with your iPhone (I still recommend the iRg Klip to mount iPads to mic stands as a good alternative), the extra screen space makes framing the shot and tuning the colors easier. I worked at a video production company for a number of years and I know shooting video with this app will help you shoot better, more professional looking videos with style and aplomb.

Fun Video Apps

Stop Motion Fun

LEGO Super Heroes (free), Stop Motion Cafe (free), Stop-motion camera (free) if you want to make your own stop-motion videos, there are a huge number of options in the App Store, but starting with any of these three free apps is a great start.

Go Retro

Super 8 (free) This movie tie-in app was really well done and fantastically easy to make your HD video iPhone record like an old Super 8 film camera. Since it’s free there’s no harm in trying it. It does record very cool looking movies, but I wish you could turn off the film projector sound effect.

Cover all the angles

Vyclone (free) is a unique app that that’s you record and compile multi-shot videos with your friends. The example video looks so awesome you just want to go and start recording. Me, I’d like to be able to record a bunch of videos myself and string them together, of course to get real multi-angle shots they’d have to be shot at the same time, so I guess that’s a bunch of friends anyway.

Add effects like a pro

Action Shot FX (free) is an Apple App of The Year this year and it probably one of the most fun, goofy apps you have have. Pick something like blowing up something with rockets, smashing with rocks, or buy extra effects packs.

Go viral

YouTube just came out with Capture and Vimeo just updated their video app as well. Depending on where you want to post your video pick the app that suits you. One feature of the YouTube app that I think all iPhone video apps should have is a warning if you’re recording in portrait orientation. Really recording in portrait mode just looks silly, so don’t.

Edit like a pro

iMovie $4.99 is the only choice here. I know there are other options, but iMovie is a really powerful and pretty easy to master app for editing videos. I emphasize pretty easy because some things like splitting segments and other edits can be confounding at first. It’s all in where you start the touch-based actions that matters. Practice (and the help menu) makes all the difference. I will say that in real-life testing, I was able to go from recording a video (with a third generation iPad), editing, to uploading in one fell swoop. The workflow is easy and efficient. It was tricky to work under pressure, but in reality I couldn’t have asked for more powerful and straightforward editing on my iPad.

These are just a few of the great video apps you can find and I’m sure you have your favorites as well, so let us know in the comments about a video app that you really like using.