RadioShack and Other Retailers Matching Best Buy’s $50 iPhone 5 Discount

2012 12 11 11 05 43

Let the iPhone 5 price wars begin! Yesterday we posted that Best Buy was discounting the iPhone 5 by $50 and one commenter noted that this wasn’t just a two-day sale, but something that will last until January. In the interest of keeping customers, RadioShack, Target, Walmart, and, yes, the Apple Store are matching Best Buy’s price.

The super-shopper-sleuthing prize goes to 9to5Mac:

We contacted Walmart to see if it would match both Best Buy and RadioShack. While we are still waiting for an official statement from corporate, many select Walmart Wireless centers in New York, New Jersey, Vermont, and California said they would honor the sale. One store in New Jersey, however, claimed Wireless centers do not price match. Walmart does not mention this stipulation on its Match Guarantee page, though.

We recently reported that Target is offering AT&T’s iPhone 5 with a $20 discount. Target announced the deal is in-store only until Dec. 15. 9to5Mac reached out to many Target locations to see if they planned to lower the 16GB iPhone 5 price tag to $149. While at least one location verified it would price match Best Buy, RadioShack, and Walmart, we further contacted Target headquarters to find out more.

Apple Stores often match prices of competitors as well and at least one Store we called said they would honor Best Buy’s price

Have you been shopping around for an iPhone 5 and tried to get price matching from a store other than Best Buy? Let us know in the comments.