Is it Time to Face Facts and Admit That Jailbreaking is Dead?

This is a more than ironic post for this site, but even as someone who only watched the jailbreaking scene from the periphery, I can see jailbreaking isn’t what it used to be. Maybe jailbreaking is going to fade into an even-more niche activity than it already is. I read Jeff Benjamin’s reason’s why jailbreaking is waning in popularity, and thought I’d share there here as well.

Over at iDownload blog, Jeff gives three compelling reasons why jailbreaking is waning (which I think is just a polite way of saying “dead”):

  1. People have upgraded to newer hardware
  2. Apple is adding popular jailbreak features to iOS
  3. The community isn’t producing new tweaks and apps that are worth using.

Now, I can’t speak to point 3, but points 1 and 2, well those are bang on.

We know that the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, and Apple TV have not jailbreaks available for them (running iOS 6), in fact I’d say that Kristin Paget coming to Apple could seal the fate of loopholes, gaps, holes, and any other tweak needed to make jailbreaking possible. Apple is intent on locking things down—and it looks like they are succeeding.

Then there is the software side. If you wanted you iPhone to be a WiFi hotspot or sync wirelessly with iTunes or have notifications that made sense and worked, you needed to jailbreak. Now, nope, those are part of iOS. Heck, I figure Apple is looking at all the best jailbreak tweaks as to do list items to add to iOS in the future. Sure, not all will make it (like as much as I hope that I can change the default browser or mail app, I doubt we’ll ever see it happen), but we’ve seen them added before and well see them again. Maybe not in iOS 6.1, but certainly in iOS 7 and beyond.

Maybe it’s time to just face facts, as jailbreakable devices get older and are replaced (or just plain wear out), jailbreaking might just fade away as well.

Do you think jailbreaking has a real future or are we counting down until it’s just gone completely?

Photo from Flickr by Adria Richards.