Online Apple Store Highlighting iPhone 5 Cases

2012 12 29 13 23 36

This tip came from a reader (thanks Stan!) who noticed that the Online Apple Store has started to highlight iPhone 5 cases available to buy online. We’re not sure if iPhone 5 cases have always been in the store, added recently, or if this is just a new promotion around the holidays.

I remember iPhone 5 cases being in short supply early on and even when I got my iPhone 5 in November, so it would make sense that Apple would hold off on having the cases showcased online until they had stock and cases they felt were going to sell well. Since one of the criteria for sorting is “Best Sellers” you do have to sell a bunch of cases before you can give accurate results.

I think it’s also worth noting that there are 134 cases in the online store (for all models), but only 47 (less than half) are for the iPhone 5.

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Here is the full listing on the U.S. Online Store for iPhone 5 cases.

Have you noticed iPhone 5 cases in the Online Store before? And related to that question, what’s your favorite iPhone case?