Rumor: Samsung Launching Something for CES 2013, new Galaxy S4 or something else?

2012 12 10 09 24 44

Samsung is launching something at CES 2013, but it might not be the Galaxy S4. The Next Web caught a teaser video on Samsung’s blog this morning that says something new for CES will be announced tomorrow. Early bets were a Galaxy S4, but maybe not…

The Next Web thought the obvious guess for tomorrow’s announcement would be a new Galaxy S4 (the one rumored to come with an unbreakable screen) however this tweet from zpower puts that in doubt:

Here’s the text and video from the Samsung post:

This is a teaser. Get ready for January 8th-11th, 2013 and stay tuned to Samsung Tomorrow to find out more on what this is about. Get Ready

What do you think? New tablet to compete with the iPad mini? Something to compete with the iPad (full sized) itself?