Wunderlist 2 is a wonderful upgrade to an already great to-do list app

Wunderlist has always been one of the most widely-used to-do list apps on the market. It is elegant, simple to use, available for nearly every platform, and – perhaps its greatest selling feature (pun totally intended) – it is free. The team at 6Wunderkinder had a great thing going with Wunderlist, but it was only supposed to be the first small step in the team’s foray into task management. Wunderkit was supposed to be its ultimate triumph – but that wasn’t how it went down.

So 6Wunderkinder decided to build a sequel to Wunderlist – and the sequel is a big step in the right direction. Wunderlist 2 may very well be the best free to-do list app for any platform, anywhere.

Wunderlist 2 sports a ton of new features – features that were pretty much necessary for it to stay with the curve in this application genre. This version has added Reminders, along with Recurring and Subtasks. When using it on my iPhone, I could tell that the app was more “complete” with these features alone, meaning that I didn’t have to rely on any others (the device’s native Reminders app, for example) to worry about getting everything I needed to get done…done.

List View on Mac

There have also been marked improvements in Wunderlist 2 with the notes, sharing and notifications, adding more detail to the mix – making it more robust than many other apps of its kind. The best part: all of these details – once entered – are then automatically synced across all your devices via the vastly improved Cloud Sync feature.

Activity Center on Windows

One of Wunderlist’s greatest strengths has been in its simplicity. As someone who touts the importance of having some sort of ubiquitous task management option available to everyone, Wunderlist 2 fits the bill more now than ever. The learning curve is about as steep as a bunny hill, and despite that you can use the app to get almost anything done with supreme detail. Another of the app’s strengths has been its ability to share tasks with others, making it more than just an individual task management solution. Wunderlist 2 has kept up the pace in this area as well.

Sharing on the iPhone

Thanks to the integration of your devices’ Address Book and Facebook, all of your contacts are just a couple of clicks away in Wunderlist 2. Once you’ve shared a list, you can then customize the way you want to be kept informed – you can receive updates via push or email notifications or simply head to the in-app Activity Center. Wunderlist 2 has added depth and choice to its feature set and yet hasn’t destroyed its ease of use in the process. That’s the hallmark of great of a great app – a balanced UX and UI.

(And, yes, Wunderlist 2 is still free to use.)

If you’re looking for a to-do list/task management app that sports the rare combination of ease of use and power, then Wunderlist 2 is a great choice. The team at 6Wunderkinder did themselves a solid by shifting away from Wunderkit and going back to their roots. Because these roots have the makings of a solid foundation for many users and many platforms all across the globe.

You can download any and all version of Wunderlist 2 over at http://6wunderkinder.com/wunderlist now. And I strongly suggest you do.