AppGratis Gets $13.5M in Funding for Aggressive Expansion

2013 01 17 11 21 08

If you’re looking for a paid app for free there are a bunch of ways to do it, but AppGratis seems to have a good—and profitable—way to do it: Convince an app maker to make their app free for just 24 hours. We’d have to gather some kind of cash changes hands to do this, but the results can be amazingly successful. Some apps have had 500,000 downloads in a single day—a number than can bump you to the top of the app charts and get people to buy your app through iTunes. AppGratis wants to take what they’ve done already and turn it up to an eleven. To do that, they’ve received $13.5 million in funding.

I just happened to see AppGratis a few days ago and loaded it on my iPhone. Thus far I haven’t seen any apps for free that I wanted or needed, but some of the discount deals have looked pretty interesting. While according to founder Simon Dawlat AppGratis doesn’t need funding to stay around, but they do need funding to expand. And they have big plans. Given that they are making $1 million a month and gaining 300,000 users a day, I’d say that the $13.5 million being invested by Iris Capital and the Orange Publicis Fund is pretty safe.

The app, and it appears the apps it recommends, is iPhone only, so I hope one of the first things they do in their expansion is to add iPad support and iPad apps to the deals. With that kind of pull, and expanding into more countries, AppGratis might very well become a very powerful way to quickly extend the reach of your app. Combine that with in-app purchases, app makers could find financial success as well.


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Via: VentureBeat