Apple TV Updated With Bluetooth Keyboard Support, Up Next, and iTunes in the Cloud

As you’d expect, just as iOS 6.1 drops for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, there is an Apple TV update as well. And this is a good one too because in addition to Up Next (like iTunes 11) and iTunes in the Cloud, Apple TVs now supports Bluetooth Keyboards.

Ah no more will we have to hunt and peck with the Apple Remote to type in WiFi passwords, Apple IDs, or search through Netflix. While Up Next and playing your purchased music through iCloud is awesome, I think a lot of you will want to set up your Bluetooth keyboards (or other devices) with your Apple TV.

I updated my Apple TV and got my Apple Wireless Keyboard set up in no time. It was really painless, actually. Once iOS 6.1 is installed and your Apple TV reboots, Bluetooth is automatically turned on and you’ll be ready to go.

Here’s how to get a Bluetooth keyboard set up on your Apple TV.

After you check for the update and install it:

Appletvupdate 2

You’ll see this screen:

Appletvupdate 3

When you click Continue with the Remote you’ll be back at the home screen. So Head to Settings->General->Bluetooth:

Appletvupdate 4

Click that and you’ll see a screen like this. I didn’t have my keyboard on at first, but as soon as I turned it on it appeared right away:

Appletvupdate 6

Your keyboard won’t be paired, so when you click the name you’ll get a pairing screen:

Appletvupdate 5

And that’s it. Your keyboard will now work with your Apple TV just like the remote. The ESC key goes back, Enter, well, enters, arrow keys navigate. I didn’t play with trying the keys for starting or stopping playback, but as you’d expect, the keyboard becomes a great way to navigate your Apple TV.

If you turn your keyboard off and then back on again, you’ll see a connection icon in the corner of the screen flash up to show you that the device has been connected:

Appletvupdate 7

Searching through Netflix just got a lot less painful.

Next thing for people to start trying is what Bluetooth devices Apple TVs recognize to connect and pair with…iPhone and iPad and MacBooks maybe? Mouse and trackpad?

Let the experimenting begin.

We’ll try out the Up Next feature soon and report back on that as well.

Via: 9to5Mac