Concept Video Shows What a 4.8-inch iPhone Might Look Like


A rumor from earlier this week claimed that Apple’s working on an even larger iPhone, with a 4.8 inch screen, to compete with similarly sized Android devices.

While the rumor, sourced from a news daily in China, appears to have very little credibility with an absurd “iPhone Math” monicker (or probably a mistranslation for iPhone+) and no resolution specifics, it’s always good to see mockups of how such a device could look like.

The folks at Russian site have created a video that shows an iPhone (based on iPhone 5’s design) with a 4.8 inch display with 6 rows of icons on the home screen excluding the dock. It also shows the iPhone in multiple colors apart from black and white, as certain rumors have suggested.

If Apple does release a 4.8 inch iPhone alongside the existing 4-inch iPhone 5, would you jump ship? After all one of the main reasons people choose Android phones is the large screens.

Via: MacRumors