Drafts Updated with Expanded Dropbox Actions and New Automations

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Drafts is one of those supremely powerful apps, like Evernote, you have to commit to trying and using for a little while before you realize how indispensable it truly is. Drafts has updated the iPhone and iPad versions of the app with new Dropbox actions (you can now access your entire Dropbox and now just one folder) and a new automations feature that makes Drafts much, much more than a place to jot notes down.

The creators of Drafts challenge you to put Drafts on your Dock and see what it can do. And what it can do is…far more than any one blog post could cover. On their blog and website, Agile Tortoise offer  tips and suggestions for how you can tap into all the power of this app (beyond putting it on your Dock for a week).

This major update to Drafts, expands its ability to use the entire Dropbox folder and not just sandboxed into one folder. Not to mention you can now create and append to more than just a single default file.

Automations…this is where things get really interesting. So while Charlie at Cult of Mac is where I first read about the update, MacStories takes the cake with the range of use now and thank me later automations. Federico has been playing with the update for a while (I gather) and his bookmarklets that tap into not Dropbox, but Evernote and Poster as well, are amazing.

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It’s these automations are like the Services menu for the Mac, almost, maybe not as smooth (because they all have to travel through Drafts), but certainly as powerful. The sample video below from the creators of Draft shows a simple automation using Launch Center Pro, Drafts,  and Evernote:

For Dropbox actions the following quick labels can be used:

[[draft]] : The full text of the draft.
[[title]] : The first line of the draft only.
[[body]] : The remainder of the draft text after the first line is removed.
[[time]] : Timestamp in the format YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM-SS.
[[timeshort]] : Timestamp in the format 1/1/70 12:00 AM.
[[timelong]] : Timestamp in the format January 1, 1970, 12:00:00 AM CST.

As for the new URL actions and automations here is that set:

Name: The label that will appear in the action list.
URL: The URL to open when the action is fired. The following placeholders will be replaced with URL encoded values:
[[draft]] : The full text of the draft.
[[title]] : The first line of the draft only.
[[body]] : The remainder of the draft text after the first line is removed.

By combining things like selections, the clipboard,Dropbox and other apps, you can quickly build entire workflows for tasks you do everyday. Me? I’m ready to take the Drafts on the Dock challenge. The clippings to Evernote and Poster alone make it worth a try.

Download links:

Drafts for iPhone ($3)

Drafts for iPad ($4)