Honda Adding Siri Eyes Free to Some Accord and Acura Models


Honda is joining Chevrolet in announcing that it will be offering a Siri Eyes Free integration into some of its car models as a dealer installed option. Soon the 2013 Accord and the Acura RDX and ILX models will be able to use Siri through their Bluetooth-connected iPhone not just “hands free” but “eyes free” as well.

As part of an initiative with GM, Honda, GM, BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover, Jaguar, Audi, and Toyota, Apple has been working on a set of tools so car makers can include Siri controls into existing voice-controlled functions in cars.

If you’ve ever wanted to get Siri’s help navigating and not have your eyes leave the road or hands off the wheel, this could be very cool. From the Honda press release:

“iPhone has become so integral to people’s lives that they continue to use them in their vehicles, ” said Vicki Poponi, assistant vice president of automobile product planning, American Honda. “Offering Honda and Acura owners Siri and its Eyes Free mode via Bluetooth is an incredible opportunity to provide next-generation connectivity and meet our customer’s ever-changing needs.”

Just wait until you can say “Siri, take the wheel, I’m going to have a nap…”

Via Engadget and MacRumors