Rumor: iPad 5 Will Be Thinner and Lighter Due to iPad mini Display Tech

iPad 5The introduction of a Retina display into the 9.7” iPad made it quite thick and heavy, which became even more apparent when Apple released the iPad mini. According to a new rumor, Apple will be using the same display technology as the iPad mini in the fifth-gen iPad to reduce its bulk.

The rumor comes via Taiwanese publication DigiTimes. Citing industry sources, the publication says:

Apple’s next generation 9.7-inch iPad will reportedly use the same G/F2 (DITO) thin-film type touch screen structure as the company’s iPad mini.


The supply chain for Apple’s next-generation 9.7-inch iPad will be similar to the iPad mini’s, with Japan-based Nitto expected to supply thin-film materials and Nissha Printing touch screen modules, noted the sources. Taiwan-based TPK will be responsible for the device’s lamination while LG Display (LGD) and Sharp will provide panels, added the sources.

While Apple seemed to have issues with producing G/F2 displays on a mass scale for the iPad mini, display manufacturers have now improved yield rates and are expected to ship 4-5 million units a month.

While the screen was definitely a reason for the added bulk in Retina iPads, the giant 42.5 watt-hour battery was also responsible, and strangely there’s no information as to whether this new display tech requires less power.

Till now we’ve seen several rumors that claim the next generation iPad would be lighter and thinner, and that seems to be the next logical step for Apple since current iPad hardware is already pretty awesome.

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