More Details About the All Plastic iPhone Emerge: iPhone 5 plus iPod touch plus iPod Classic


While more pieces, parts, and rumors about the next iPhones are starting to pop up, we have some very interesting details on what a plastic iPhone (cheap iPhone, low cost iPhone, “ready for China” iPhone whatever you’d like to call it) might look like. True to Apple’s genius (design) rumors are that it won’t just be a plastic iPhone 5, but something much more interesting an unique.

According to iLounge, Apple is working on something that is more than just a plastic iPhone 5 or a reboot of the 3GS or even a plastic iPod touch, it sounds like it will be all of that and more:

Rumors of a budget “ready for China” iPhone have been circulating for some time, but apart from a possible price point (“low”) and assumptions about its components (“plastic,” “low-end”), no concrete details as to its look or feel have leaked out. That’s changing today: unless something major changes between now and its release, we know pretty much what the new low-end iPhone will look like, thanks to reliable sources. Yes, it will be made substantially from plastic. No, it won’t just be a Retina- and Lightning-equipped refresh of the iPhone 3G or 3GS, Apple’s last plastic iPhones, nor will it look just like an all-plastic version of the iPhone 5. This new model is actually a cross between the iPhone 5, fifth-generation iPod touch, and… wait for it… the iPod classic. Yes, really. It will have a 4” screen, like the iPhone 5, a bottom like the latest iPod touch, and a shape that’s most similar to the iPod classic.

If Apple does one thing really, really well it’s create devices that a pure joy to look at and hold (the hockey puck mouse excepted). For Apple to create a cheap iPhone that looked cheap…just wouldn’t fly. How can you attract people to an Apple device if they think they are just getting the short end of the stick design wise?

You can’t.

I’d say if the device looks great and has great features, it could serve as a great budget-consicous option for anyone who’d like an iPhone (but not pay a fortune). I’d consider it myself. Why not?

Via: iLounge