pod2g Dares Apple To Release iOS 6.1; Jailbreak Seems Imminent After It’s Released


Last night, planetbeing had revealed that he and pod2g had made tons of progress and the future of jailbreaking was looking bright.

Based on pod2g latest tweet, it looks like the hackers feel confident of releasing an untethered jailbreak to the public after iOS 6.1 is released.

In his latest tweet, he has dared Apple to release to release iOS 6.1.

We may be reading too much between the lines, but pod2g’s tweet seems to suggest that they’ve a jailbreak ready to released, but are holding off until Apple releases iOS 6.1 or they’ve made a major breakthrough that will make it possible.

It was only a few days back that he and pod2g had discovered two new vulnerabilities. At that time, pod2g had mentioned they still need the hack, which will allow them to release the jailbreak to the public. It looks like they’ve figured out a way.

Apple has released four beta versions of iOS 6.1 and widely expected to release it anytime soon as the fourth beta version expires on Jan 28th. But it may be still be prudent for the jailbreakers should avoid upgrading to iOS 6.1 and wait for the hackers to confirm if it was safe to do so.

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I can’t wait to use tweaks like Auxo on my iPhone 5. Which jailbreak tweaks do you plan to install when the jailbreak is released?