Apple Debuts Vanity URLs for iOS and Mac Apps

superbowl-appstore-star-trekApple has started rolling out easy-to-remember short URLs for iOS and Mac apps, and developers pages that make it much easier to share apps offline. Although this was noticed by most when the Star Trek app used this short URL in its Super Bowl ad, Apple notified developers about this a few days back. 

Unlike other domains, developers won’t have to “claim” these short URLs for their apps. It’s Apple who will be generating these URLs, and if the name of an app’s too generic, it’ll link to a search page for the generic term instead of a single app. The URLs, Apple notes, would take care of redirecting a visitor to the appropriate country store depending on location.

Here are a few examples of short URLs, as shown in Apple’s developer documentation:

Company Name examples

  • Gameloft =>
  • Activision Publishing, Inc. =>
  • Chen’s Photography & Software =>

App Name examples

  • Ocarina =>
  • Where’s My Perry? =>
  • Brain Challenge™ =>
  • Ultédex for Pokémon (Pokédex/Movédex) =>

Mac App Store

Company Name examples

  • PopCap =>
  • Autodesk Inc. =>
  • Chen’s Photography & Software =>

App Name examples

  • Pixelmator =>
  • Human Japanese =>
  • F1 2012™ =>

The domain was earlier owned by, but was later given to Apple as a personal gift in 2008 from Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff to Steve Jobs. It’s worth noting that although Apple owns, it’s still fighting Amazon in court for exclusive use of “App Store” term.

Image via: CNET