Apple Working With NYPD To Track Down Stolen iPhones And iPads


Back in December, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg had blamed Apple’s iPhone and iPad for the increase in crime rates.

The New York Post now reports that NYPD has created a separate team just to work with Apple to track down stolen iPhones and iPads.

The New York Post provides the following details on how Apple and the NYPD team are working together to track down stolen iPhones and iPads:

Every time an Apple device is stolen, detectives attempt to get tracking numbers from the victim or online records.

That number, known as the International Mobile Station Equipment Identity, is then shared with the officers in Police Headquarters who pass it on to Apple.

The California-based company then informs the NYPD of the device’s current location — and it can track it even if it was reregistered with a different wireless provider.

This is good news for folks in New York as cops will not only be able to track down the stolen iPhones and iPads, but should also be able to catch the thieves and ultimately help in curbing the rising number of cell phone thefts.

Last November, AT&T and T-Mobile USA had started blocking stolen cell phones on their networks based on IMEI.

Via: New York Post