Crash any App on Your Mac by Entering ‘File:///’

A new bug on OS X lets you crash any Mac app with a text field as long as you enter a certain phrase. The bug was filed with Apple on Thursday and can be reproduced very easily in most apps like TweetDeck, Chrome, Safari, TextEdit that have a field to enter text.

If you’re wondering why hasn’t the phrase been mentioned yet over here, it’s because entering it would crash Safari and Chrome, so we’re including an image that shows the phrase.

The bug appears to stem from the spelling correction on OS X, but it also works in places like the Safari URL bar where auto correct isn’t enabled. It works only on Mountain Lion though, Snow Leopard and Lion remain unaffected.

textedit crash mac

app crash

While this bug would certainly not be encountered by most users of OS X, it’s almost unbelievable that by simply typing in a certain set of characters, you can crash almost any Mac app. We expect Apple to resolve this bug in the final release of OS X 10.8.3.

Update: This can be potentially threatening if one of your notorious friends, or anyone for that matter with your iMessage id decides to send you a message with this phrase. It will crash the OS X Messages app and you’ll be unable to relaunch it, unless you go and delete the local messages database. (via @stroughtonsmith)

Via: 9to5Mac