Apple Posts Two New iPad Ads, ‘Alive’ And ‘Together’


Apple has just posted two new iPad ads for the iPad and iPad mini titled ‘Alive’ and ‘Title’ on its YouTube page.

The new ads showcase some of the 300,000 apps designed specifically for the iPad.

The ads features words that popup on the screen in quick succession followed by the apps related to the word.

The first ad features the words” ‘loud’, ‘deep’ and ‘alive’, while the second ad features the words ‘wild’, ‘bright’ and ‘together’.

Some of the apps featured in the ads include AmpliTube,, GarageBand, TED, iMovie, iBooks, Dinosaur Zoo, Toca Hair Salon, Vimeo, Rockmate, Glow Hockey 2 HD, and FaceTime.

The tagline for both the ads on Apple’s YouTube page reads “With over 300,000 apps, iPad is up for anything you are.”


Nice little detail spotted by Twitter user iHKDesign:

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HT: MacRumors