Web Traffic From OS X 10.9 Continues to Grow, Announcement Imminent?

os-x traffic-logsApple first announced OS X Mountain Lion on February 16th, releasing it later in July. If the company were to follow the same release cycle, Mountain Lion’s successor, OS X 10.9 should at least be feature complete by now for a public preview. And if traffic logs were any indication, it seems that the OS is ready to be shown off to tech journalists and the general public any time soon.

AppleInsider notes that the traffic from browsers running on OS X 10.9 has increased considerably since January. First signs of the existence of the version, rumored to be called “Lynx,” came in November last year, but AppleInsider notes that hits back then were just a few dozen as compared to the thousands in January.

OS X typically goes into beta for registered developers a few months before the release so that they can prepare their apps for the new version, incorporating newly added features and fixing any bugs on the new OS. Last year, Mountain Lion’s Golden Master release came out on July 9th, with the final public version being available to the public on July 25th.

There hasn’t been a lot of speculations about the new features in OS X 10.9, but there have been rumors about Siri and Maps—two of the main features of iOS—being integrated into the Mac.

Do you have any guesses or feature requests for the next version of OS X?