Popular Jailbreak Apps SBSettings, Activator, WinterBoard, Auxo Get iOS 6.1 Support Ahead of evasi0n Release


With the launch of evasi0n jailbreak today, we continue to see a stream of updates for our popular jailbreak tweaks.

Some of our favorite jailbreak apps such as Activator, SBSettings, WinterBaord, Auxo have been updated in the last 24 to 48 hours.

Activator (Free):

Activator allows you to invoke actions using shortcuts from anywhere in the iOS. You would be surprised by the number of shortcuts you can use such as double tap on the status bar, triple tap the Home button, double press the sleep button to trigger stock actions or launch an app or go to the Settings toggle. It offers almost limitless shortcuts to make it easier to use your iPhone.

Activator is a must-have jailbreak tweak for power users.

Ryan Petrich has just updated Activator to 1.7.2, which now supports iOS 6.1 or lower.

SBSettings (Free):

SBSettings offers a faster way to access iOS Settings from any app without going through the hassle of exiting the app and launching the Settings app. Jailbreak app developers can also create custom toggles for SBSettings that can be installed from Cydia, which can then be quickly accessed by users via SBSettings. You can access SBSettings either by swiping on the Status bar or via the Notification Center.

The latest version of SBSettings v6.0.2 is now compatible with iOS 6.1 or lower.

WinterBoard (Free):

WinterBoard is one of the most popular jailbreak apps that allows you to download custom themes from Cydia, that can be applied to change the look and feel of your iOS device.

WinterBoard allows you change the icons, modify`the look and feel of status bar, dock, lock screen, change the font and lots more. You can also customize all kinds of system sound with Winterboard. Another great feature of WinterBoard is that there is no limit on the themes you can install and you can also mix & match several themes together.

Jay Freeman aka saurik has updated WinterBoard to 0.9.3908 to add support for iOS 6.1 or lower, along with support for A6 CPU, which powers iPhone 5.

Auxo ($1.99):

Cydia developers have released a number of tweaks to replace iOS app switcher, but Auxo, which replaces the app icons in the app switcher with a card-like screenshot of the current state of the app and offers tons of other features, is easily the best app switcher replacement and our favorite jailbreak tweak of 2012.

The latest version of Auxo v1.3-1 is compatible with iOS 6.1 to iOS 5.1. Developers have also mentioned that it should work with iPhone 5, however since they will be able to test it only for the jailbreak is released, they can’t confirm it.

Mobile Substrate (Free):

saurik has also released an updated version of the Mobile Substrate (v0.9.3999.6) to add support iOS 6.1, which is critical as it is used by multiple jailbreak apps. It includes support for Substrate safe mode feature, which allows you to disable Substrate entirely by holding down Volume Up button as the device reboots, so that you can open Cydia and uninstall them. It is useful while bypassing horribly broken tweaks that can prevent the iOS device from starting up at all.

Veency (Free):

saurik has also updated Veency (v0.9.3380) with iOS 6.1 support.

There are a number of apps  on the App Store which allow you to remotely access your Windows PC or Mac from the iPhone.

However, Veency, the iPhone app developed by Jay Freeman (aka Saurik) works the other way around, it allows iPhone users to remotely control their iPhone from a PC or Mac via a VNC client.

We can’t wait to install these jailbreak app on the iPhone 5. evad3rs dev team have announced that the most eagerly awaited jailbreak will be released today and will most likely be released at 12 noon EST, which is when the progress bar on the evasi0n website will hit 100%. Currently it is at 97%.