Saurik Explains Why Cydia Repos Went Down Today Despite Prior Preparations

cydia-saurikA few days ago, we had noted that repo owners are taking efforts to ensure that their repos don’t cripple under the heavy onslaught of traffic that comes after a jailbreak is released. Evidently, those efforts don’t seem to be working with most jailbreakers complaining that they can’t install apps and tweaks from Cydia, and neither can they login to their accounts to retrieve and purchase new apps.

On Twitter, Jay Freeman aka saurik, the creator of Cydia notes that the traffic pattern to Cydia after the evasi0n jailbreak was different from earlier jailbreaks. Typically traffic “follows a wave of discovery,” that is it increases gradually, but in this case most jailbreakers already knew when exactly the jailbreak was going to be released, leading to a massive, greater than expected, spike in traffic, which overloaded repository and Cydia servers.

Previously, 0ptima who maintains the popular Big Boss repo, explained that while repo servers have the ability to replicate themselves on multiple machines, the unpredictable traffic renders the self-replication useless (not exactly useless, but it can’t serve all users).

Saurik has resolved issues with his Cydia Telesphoreo repo by using a CDN, so you should be able to download apps and tweaks from his repo. His payment system, as well as most other repos are still having issues though.

Tell us if downloading apps and tweaks off saurik’s Cydia Telesphoreo works for you. If not, it might be a DNS caching issue, so you could try setting your DNS to Google’s and servers from Settings > Wi-Fi > Triangle next to your network name > Manual.

Update: Saurik has posted a graph showing a spike in traffic on Cydia’s servers.