Apple Urges Judge to Dismiss App Monopoly Lawsuit

App Store

Apple has asked U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers to dismiss a consumer lawsuit earlier today, which claims that the company has a monopoly over iOS apps, according to a report on Bloomberg.

The plaintiffs claim that Apple has a monopoly as it doesn’t allow users to buy apps from an ‘aftermarket’ of apps. Apple’s lawyers argued that there was nothing illegal about a closed system.

Apple doesn’t set the price for paid applications, and charging a price for distribution of a product on a new and unique platform doesn’t violate any antitrust laws, said Dan Wall, Apple’s attorney, at yesterday’s court hearing in Oakland, California.

“There’s nothing illegal about creating a system that is closed in a sense,” Wall told U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers. 

The lawyer representing seven consumers insisted that if there was no other place to buy apps then Apple is a monopolist. Judge Rogers didn’t rule on the matter and hasn’t given any date for the ruling yet.

The report notes that Apple also faces another lawsuit for maintaining a “music-downloading” monopoly.

It’s quite a frivolous lawsuit and I’m surprised that it didn’t get dismissed. Do I want another App Store from where I can buy apps? Sure, but I can’t see how monopoly could be applied to something like the App Store.

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Via: Bloomberg