How To Fix Google Chrome Crashing Issue On Jailbroken iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch [Updatedx3]

Google Chrome

Yesterday, Google released an update for Chrome app (version: 25.0.1364.86) for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that makes it easier to search and share content.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be playing nice on a jailbroken iOS device as it keeps crashing almost immediately after launching it. 

Initially, I thought it was due to one of the Chrome related jailbreak tweaks, but it look like the problem is related to sending usage data statistics and crash reports to Google.

One of our readers pointed out that enabling it seems to fix the issue. I have tried it on my iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5G and it works. So as a workaround to fix the Google Chrome crashing issue, you need to enable sending usage statistics data and crash reports option.

There are multiple ways you can enable it. Here’s some of them:

Install Jailbreak Tweak

Folks at HASHBANG Productions have just released a jailbreak tweak called Chrome Crash fix that enables sending usage statistics data and crash reports option. Add the repo to install the jailbreak tweak.

Google Chrome Settings

Follow these steps, and please note you have to do them quickly to ensure you change it before the Chrome app crashes.

  • Launch the Chrome app
  • Tap on the Menu button to the right of the omnibox
  • Then scroll down and tap on the Settings option from the menu
  • Now tap on the Privacy option
  • Then tap on the Send usage Data option
  • Tap on Always or Only on Wi-Fi from the list of options to select one of them.

That’s it, the crashing issue should now stop.

I’ve also created a quick video to show you how to prevent the Chrome crashing issue:

Reinstall Google Chrome

The other option if you can’t disable it in time, is to delete the Chrome app and reinstall it again. You will get an option to enable the send usage statistics and crash reports to Google option (as I’ve highlighted with an arrow in the screenshot below) while accepting Google’s Chrome Terms of Service when you launch the app for the first time.


To Fix Via SSH:

In the Chromium bug report sections, user audvare has provided the following steps on how to fix it via SSH:

apt-get install vim nano findutils grep

cd ~/Applications
cd “$(find -iname ‘Chrome’ | grep Application\ Support)”
vim “Local State” # or nano

If vim: /reporting
If nano: ^W reporting

Replace false with true

If vim: 😡
If nano: ^X y

killall -9 Chrome

Run the app.

If it still crashes, get rid of Easy Refresh for Chrome: apt-get remove com.w00tylab.chrome1 (and re-spring). Chromizer is still compatible with this new version 🙂

We’ll let you know when Google fixes the issue as this is just a workaround and I’m quite sure many of you don’t like the idea of sending usage data statistics to Google.

Let me know if it helps in the comments.

Update 1:

Jay Freeman aka saurik has provided more insight into the issue with the following series of tweets:

Thanks Jo for the tip!

Update 2:

Added the jailbreak tweak and SSH methods to fix the issue.

Update 3:

Google seems to have confirmed the issue and has said that the issue will be fixed in the next update.