Abstergo: A Must-Have Jailbreak Tweak to Manage Notifications

Abstergo is a new jailbreak tweak that will change the way you manage your notifications not only from your iPhone’s Lock screen, but also anywhere in iOS.

Developed by Andrew Richardson and Joshua Tucker to be a more intuitive reminder system, this jailbreak tweak is a great way to keep your Lock Screen and Notification Center uncluttered.

Abstergo lets you clear Notifications from the lock screen and Notification center by swiping on it. It also gives you the ability to clear all notifications on the Lock screen by swiping down on the notification list to reveal a slideable Clear All option. In two simple swipes you can clear all the Notifications from the Lock Screen or Notification Center.

This jailbreak tweak is fittingly named for what it does because Abstergo comes from the Latin word “abstérgere” which means “to clean or wipe away.”

Abstergo Clear

However Abstergo doesn’t stop there, Richardson and Tucker have been hard at work on this project since 2012 and have added some other features that are sure to delight most iOS users.

In iOS 6, Apple added some cool and much needed call management features to the Phone app such as ‘Remind me later’. Abstergo will bring the ‘Remind me later’ feature to messages, emails, tweets etc.

By simply tapping and holding on any of the reminders, notifications, or even pop-ups, Abstergo will give you a option to set a reminder for it. Making it much easier to keep track of messages, emails or tweets that you need to respond to at a later time. The jailbreak tweak lets you set a reminder in  5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day or choose a specific day.

Abstergo Timing settings

When you get a reminder, you can add it to your iPhone’s Lock screen, or simply edit the time or clear it completely.

Abstergo Add to Lock Screen

If that wasn’t already cool enough, you can also set reminders for a text message in the Messages app by tapping and holding on the message.

Abstergo TextTo me this is perfect because I am always forgetting what groceries to pick up and little things my girlfriend wants me to do after work on my way home. This feature is an excellent time saver as now I don’t have to create a whole new reminder. Just tap, hold and set!

Overall, I have been using this jailbreak tweak for the last 24 hours and the more I use it the more natural it feels. Abstergo quite literally feels like it is baked directly into the iOS experience. A job well done by Richardson and Tucker. Be sure to check out my video of the jailbreak tweak in action.

Abstergo will be available for $1.99 in Cydia on April 21st.


Abstergo is now available on Cydia for $1.99. It requires iOS 6 or later. Tap on the download link below to purchase and install the jailbreak tweak.

Will you be buying abstergo? Let us know what you think of the jailbreak tweak in the comments below.

➤ Download link (link works only on jailbroken devices)