Facebook 6.0 Brings Chat Heads, Stickers To iPhone And iPad [Updated]


Do you want Facebook Home on your iPhone? Facebook will be releasing a new version of its iPhone and iPad app that will bring some of the iconic features such as Chat Heads to the iPhone and iPad.

Dieter Bohn of The Verge who got early access to Facebook 6.0 provides some details about how the Chat Heads feature will work on the iPhone and iPad:

First, within the Facebook app, you can pop-out Chat Heads for your conversations, but they won’t work anywhere else because of the way that iOS keeps apps sandboxed. Just as with Android, Chat Heads pop out on incoming Facebook Messages (but not for SMS), or you can open a new one directly yourself. You can drag them around to reposition them, and when they’re open you have immediate access to your conversation on top of whatever you’re doing on Facebook. On the iPad’s larger screen, Facebook has decided to array them vertically on the left instead of horizontally across the top.

Facebook 6.0 also comes with a new feature called Stickers, which is Facebook’s version of Emoji and something we’ve seen in apps. Interestingly, like Path, Stickers will be available in a store. Bohn notes that the stickers were free in the version they tested, but we’re assuming that Facebook will charge for some of them.

Facebook for iPad also comes with some minor design changes. It is no longer the blown version of the iPhone app.

There are fewer dividing lines throughout the app, giving it a cleaner look, but the biggest changes come on the main News Feed on the iPad.

[..] Facebook has made the main column thinner, breaking out your friends’ avatars on the left. It makes reading a little easier than the old edge-to-edge design and also “helps to separate the stories and identify who each story is from.” [..]

[..] The buttons for Like, Comment, and Share have been shifted over so they’re easier to reach and more consistent. Images are no longer vertically cropped — something that was never really necessary on an iPad anyway. The best design change, though, is simply that there are fewer inconsistent font sizes. Most of the text has been scaled up to a more readable size for the iPad, which you generally hold further away from your eyes, and overall the effect is simply better-looking. 

As we reported earlier, Facebook has been in talks with Apple to bring Facebook Home to the iPhone and iPad. But as I mentioned in that post, it is very hard to believe that Facebook Home for iPhone will be anywhere close to the experience on Android. The changes that Facebook will be rolling out shortly will be the closest to the “Home” experience Facebook users will be able to get on the iPhone. I doubt it will extend beyond the app.

Facebook 6.0 isn’t available currently, we’ll let you know as soon as it hits the App Store.


Facebook 6.0 is now available for iPhone and iPad, but you may not see Chat Heads and Stickers as Facebook plans to roll it out to everyone in the next few weeks.

Via: The Verge