Rumor: iPhone 5S May Come With 12-Megapixel Camera, Improved Night Shooting And HDR


Apple’s next generation iPhone, dubbed iPhone 5S, is widely speculated to look similar to the iPhone 5, but come with improved internals such as a faster processor, better camera and possibly also include NFC and fingerprint sensor.

Vietnamese site claims that according to their source, the next iPhone will come with a 12-megapixel camera. also claims that it will come with improved night shooting and HDR.

Last year, Apple launched iPhone 5 with an 8-megapixel camera, same as the iPhone 4S, but it was 25% smaller and came with improvements such as 40% faster photo capture, improved low-light performance, and improved noise reduction.

Apple has been making improvements to iPhone’s camera with every release, so it won’t come as a major surprise if the next generation iPhone comes with a better camera. With soon-to-be-launched Samsung Galaxy S4 coming with a 13-megapixel camera, Apple is probably also under pressure to bump up the resolution, though more megapixels doesn’t necessary imply a better camera.

Last year, users had complained about the purple haze while taking photos with their iPhone 5. The issue was observed when you aim iPhone 5′s camera towards the sun or bright light source. At that time, Apple clarified that the purple haze showing up in the photos taken with the iPhone 5′s camera pointed at or near bright light sources is considered normal behavior.

While all lenses are susceptible to lens flares to some degree, the issue seemed more noticeable on the iPhone 5. It remains to be seen if Apple will figure out a way to address this issue in iPhone 5S. via iPhoneinCanada