Analyst: iPhone 5S To Come With Fingerprint Sensor, Will Be Key Differentiator

iphone 5sIn a research note to clients, Topeka Capital analyst Brian White summarised his observations from his recent two-week tour to Asia, the region where most of Apple’s supply chain is located.

During his trip, White claimed that the next iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 5S, could come in multiple screen sizes, however he now seems to have backtracked on his earlier claim, citing supply chain sources he met during a trade show in China.

In his research note, White claims that the mute and volume buttons on the iPhone 5S will be rearranged, as seen in a component leak earlier this week. He also reiterates the fingerprint sensor rumor, saying that this would be a key differentiator from the iPhone 5, just like Siri was on the iPhone 4S.

White also claims that Apple’s on track to introduce the budget iPhone in July alongside the iPhone 5S:

Strangely enough, the lower-priced iPhone is still being called the “iPhone mini”; however, the general consensus (albeit a few disagreed and expect a slightly smaller screen) was that this new device would actually have the same screen size (i.e., 4-inches) as the iPhone 5. However, the “iPhone mini” will have a curved back casing made of colored plastic and will be thicker than the iPhone 5. We also learned the pricing could be a bit higher than our recently raised expectation, reaching as high as $400

We’ve already seen translucent plastic case mockups of the iPhone, which is rumored to be Apple’s choice material for the budget iPhone casing. The price tag of $400 is more than what we’ve heard before, but as we saw with the iPad mini, Apple has the brand value to pull off pricing higher than its competitors.