ITC Finds Samsung Guilty of Infringing Apple’s Text Selection Patent

text selectionIn a preliminary ruling, an International Trade Commission judge found Samsung guilty of infringing one of Apple’s patents concerning the way text-selection works on smartphones. The decision was apparently arrived on March 26th itself, but was kept confidential until Thursday.

Reuters reports:

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd infringed a key portion of an Apple Inc patent by including a text-selection feature in its smartphones and tablets, an International Trade Commission judge said in a preliminary decision.

South Korean-based Samsung did not infringe portions of a second Apple patent that allows a device to detect if a microphone or other device is plugged into its microphone jack, the judge said in a decision that was issued on March 26 but kept confidential until late Thursday to allow the companies to redact sensitive business information.

The preliminary decision will be followed by a full commission review in August, where it’ll be decided if this ruling will be upheld or overturned. If the decision is indeed upheld, infringing Samsung devices, the Galaxy, Transform and Nexus, could be banned from being imported into the U.S.

Though this news isn’t entirely positive (Samsung didn’t infringe the second patent), it’s surely got to be welcome news for Apple after a relatively bad week on the patent front with two of its patents being invalidated.