OS X 10.9 Rumored to Bring Tabbed Finder, Better Multiple-Monitor Support And More

OS_X_LogoAccording to 9to5Mac, the next major OS X update, OS X 10.9, is said to focus on bringing core iOS features to the Mac, and add certain “power-user” features like a tabbed interface for Finder and improved multi-screen support.

Codenamed “Cabernet,” OS X 10.9 isn’t going to be a complete overhaul like previous releases, but will feature the following new features and improvements:

  • Finder will now have a tabbed browsing mode and tag-based navigation, a feature that is currently found in a number of third-party Finder alternatives.
  • New Safari browser with improved page loading, speed, efficiency and hopefully its memory footprint will all be improved upon.
  • OS X will finally be able to run more than one full-screen app simultaneously on multiple monitors. Currently when an app is switched to full-screen mode, all screens except for one are practically useless.
  • Apple is also reportedly working on bringing iOS-like multi-tasking to OS X, with the same restrictive background capabilities and quick-app switcher. This system could help Apple’s MacBook line of products, which are generally resource constrained.
  • OS X 10.9 would also be accompanied with an update to Apple’s IDE for iOS and Mac app development, Xcode. Xcode 5.0 is said to feature a new interface, and improve testing tools.

While earlier rumors pointed to Siri integration into OS X, it’s not clear if Siri will be part of the OS itself, or tied to new Mac products.

Apple typically releases a preview of the next major version of OS X a few months before WWDC, but is apparently transferring some of its OS X resources to iOS, and hence running on a delayed schedule.

Via: 9to5Mac