Rolomotion Converts Your Apple TV into a Wii-Like Gaming Console

rolomotion_3Though Apple TV’s sales have been picking up, Apple hasn’t yet released an SDK for the platform to open it to third party developers. Instead, developers have been using the iOS SDK to pair devices with the Apple TV using AirPlay, the most notable example being Real Racing.

Rolomotion is another such product that intends to bring gaming to the Apple TV, using the iPhone as a Wii-like controller for motion based gameplay. The iPhone’s built in sensors — the compass, the accelerometer and the gyroscope — give Rolomotion good enough position and movement data to translate real world actions into the activities on the screen.

Rolocule Games, the gaming studio that developed Rolomotion, says that the first game using Rolomotion would be a Tennis game and will come out in May. As you’d expect, the gameplay involves the player swinging the racket back and forth using the iPhone. Here’s a video concept:

If you can’t wait until May, Rolocule has some beta invites up for grabs at

We expect Rolocule to roll out an SDK for third-party developers to incorporate motion based controls into their apps. Tell us what you think about the concept in the comments below.

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