New Budget iPhone Concept Inspired By Translucent iMac G3

The long rumored budget iPhone is said to move away from the current iPhone’s metallic finish in favor of a “super thin,” multi-color plastic casing mixed with glass fibre to cut down on costs. An earlier rumor also hinted that this plastic casing could be translucent, just like the iconic design of the iMac G3.

Designers Nickolay Lamm and Matteo Gianni have created have created iPhone concept designs based on this bit of information, showing the device with colorful translucent casings that reveal its innards.

budget iphone concept 1 budget iphone concept 2 budget iphone concept 3 budget iphone concept 4 budget iphone concept 5

If Apple does go this way, the design would be a really great differentiator from other budget phones, which has always been the way Apple approaches new product categories. Tell us what you think of these designs in the comments below.

Via: Business Insider.