Apple hit by class action lawsuit over faulty iPhone 4 power button


A woman in Florida is suing Apple because her iPhone 4’s power button was defective.

She is suing Apple for more than $5 million on behalf of iPhone 4 owners who have reported the defective power button ever since it was launched in 2010.

GigaOm reports:

In a class action suit filed in San Jose, California, Debra Hilton claims that Apple knew about a defect in a flex cable that controls the on-off button, but chose to stay quiet about it so as to sell more phones.

As evidence, she points to Apple discussion forums viewed by hundreds of thousands of visitors on which users complain of “wiggly” power buttons. Hilton also points to a fix-it video on YouTube and comments by a self-described iPhone repairman who says the power button defect is prevalent on the iPhone 4 which went on sale in 2010.

The lawsuit claims that the power button stops working after a year, so it is not possible to get a replacement or get it repaired as the device is no longer under warranty, which forces customers to pay $149 for repairs.

The Apple discussion forums thread titled “iPhone 4 Power Button Stuck” that has been mentioned in the lawsuit has over 450 posts and 800,000 page views, which indicates that a number of users have been affected by the problem with the power button.

Do you think this lawsuit is justified or as usual opportunistic?

Via: GigaOM