An emotional Bill Gates recalls his last visit with Steve Jobs on “60 Minutes”

bill-gatesDespite being intense rivals in the early years of the personal computing era, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and Steve Jobs shared a close relationship in the later part of Jobs’ life.

In an interview with Charlie Rose on 60 Minutes, Bill Gates talks about this relationship, recalls his last visit with Jobs before his death:

“He showed me the boat he was working on,” said Gates, “and talked about how he’s looking forward to being on it, even though we both knew there was a good chance that wouldn’t happen.”

“He and I, in a sense, grew up together,” explained Gates. “We were within a year of the same age, and we were kind of naively optimistic and built big companies. And every fantasy we had about creating products and learning new things– we achieved all of it. And most of it as rivals. But we always retained a certain respect and communication, including even when he was sick.”

Gates also discusses the huge opportunities in computing Microsoft missed out on, and how he envied Steve’s design sense and his ability to market. Here’s a short segment from the interview:

And here’s the entire interview:

Via: CBS