Google to launch streaming music service at Google I/O tomorrow


It has been widely speculated that Apple and Google are planning to launch a streaming music service.

The Verge now reports that Google may launch the music service as early as tomorrow at its annual Google I/O developer conference tomorrow.

The Verge reports that Google has signed licensing deals with Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment. Google has apparently already signed a licensing deal with Warner Music Group, the smallest of the top three record labels.

The report also notes that Google’s streaming music service will be similar to Spotify, which will allow users to listen to songs that would be streamed to their PCs and mobile devices. Meanwhile, Apple has been rumored to be working on a Pandora-like online radio service, which plays music based on your taste taking into consideration hundreds of attributes.

The New York Times reports that Google won’t offer a free tier for its music streaming service. It’s not clear how much Google will charge for the music service, but I don’t expect it to be more than $9.99 that Spotify is currently charging.

Google is apparently also negotiating a audio-only license for YouTube, according to Wall Street Journal.

If Google launches the service tomorrow, then we can quite sure that Apple will unveils its online radio service at WWDC early next month.

Via: The Verge