iOS 7 will ship on time [Report]


Earlier today, Bloomberg reported that Apple runs the risk of delaying the release of iOS 7 due the design overhaul and increased collaboration between the hardware and software divisions under Jony Ive.

However, AllThingsD reports that according to their sources iOS 7 will ship on time.

AllThingsD reports:

Sources who declined to be named because they are forbidden to talk publicly about Apple’s plans tell AllThingsD that the company has been “borrowing” engineers from the OS X 10.9 team as part of an effort to double down on iOS 7. “Yes, yes — it’s essentially a repeat of the iPhone/Leopard scenario,” one source said, referring to Apple’s 2007 decision to pull engineers from OS X 10.5 to work on iPhone. “Not as much of a fire drill, though. It will ship on time.”

Apple was a in a similar situation for the launch of the iPhone, but it managed to launch it on time by moving resources from the OS X team.

Jim Dalrymple of The Loop who has an impeccable track record when it comes to Apple related rumors has also confirmed that iOS 7 is on schedule with his typical “Yes”.

Since iOS 7 will come pre-installed on the new iPhone, any delay in the release of Apple’s next generation mobile operating system would affect the launch of the next iPhone, which in turn would have a direct impact on Apple financial results.

AllThingsD reports that they’ve also heard that iOS 7 will feature a flatter design.

I’ve heard similar descriptions from sources who say iOS 7 is iOS “de-glitzed.”

“Put it this way,” said one source who has been briefed on iOS. “You know Game Center’s green felt craps table? Well, goodbye, Circus Circus.”

I can’t wait to get a glimpse of iOS 7. What about you?

Via AllThingsD