Microsoft releases another Windows 8 ad that takes a dig at the iPad


Microsoft follows up on its earlier Windows 8 commercial with yet another ad that takes a dig at iPad’s limited capabilities in certain areas like multitasking, the lack of Microsoft Office, and no MicroSD slot.

The ad compares the lack of Microsoft Office on the iPad, but weirdly positions its own OneNote iOS app as the inferior offering. It also highlights the lack of Windows 8’s side-by-side multitasking feature, and also the lack of an inbuilt MicroSD slot, and limited printing capabilities (why printing?!) on the iPad.

Apart from software features like multitasking and printing, Microsoft also compares the iPad’s weight and thickness with an Asus tablet. We’ll see what Apple does on this front when it releases the next iPad, rumored to be thinner, lighter and have iPad mini like narrow bezels.

Here’s the ad:

Tell us what you think of the ad. Is it effective in convincing people to buy Windows 8 tablets over an iPad?