The Pentagon is going to give iPads and iPhones full access to America’s classified secrets

If someone steals your iPhone and gets access to all the photos you’ve taken of your kids playing in the backyard, that sucks, but if your iPhone gets stolen and someone gets access to the codes needed to launch a nuclear missile, you’re in deep trouble. That’s why, traditionally, government employees have been given BlackBerrys. They’ve been tested, multiple times, to be highly secure, so they’re allowed in places like the Pentagon.

The thing is, we’re in 2013, and no one wants to use a BlackBerry. I’m sure there are some folks out there who do, but if you polled vast majority of people out there, they’d say they’d prefer to carry an iPhone. According to The Wall Street Journal, that’s soon going to be possible. They say that Samsung’s Android devices and Apple’s iPhones and iPads will be given security clearance “in the coming weeks”.

Now there are huge implications from this decision. First, there are a lot of government employees, so you can only imagine how happy Apple will feel when getting an order for 10,000 iPads and 15,000 iPhones. Second, people in other industries tend to use the solutions that the government prefers using.

For example, if you own a bank and you deal with sensitive information, and you see that the government thinks iPhones are secure enough to use, then you too are going to want to use an iPhone. As for what’s going to happen to BlackBerry … be honest, do you even care?