Siri now prompts you to ask questions in fewer words when they’re too long

The next time you ask Siri a question that is too long, it may prompt you to ask the question again with fewer words along with quotes from famous people like William Strunk and Thomas Jefferson.

iLounge believes that the change was probably rolled out over the last week and half. Apple seems to have quietly rolled out the change on the server side, so it took so much time for someone to notice the change.

In a quiet server-side update, Apple has given Siri the ability to respond to requests with quotes, notably to suggest that the user is being too long-winded. When asking the assistant a question — presumably one that Apple’s servers find too long or difficult to parse — Siri responds with William Strunk and Thomas Jefferson quotes alluding to brevity. Notably, the thirty-word Strunk quote itself takes several seconds for Siri to read aloud, and in one case was delivered in the middle of dictation.


It’s not clear why Apple has made this change, but it’s probably because Siri finds it difficult to parse questions that are too long. This is certainly a better way to handle it, than giving an error.

Last September, iOS 6 brought a number of new features and improvements to Siri such as the ability to respond to sports, restaurants and movie related queries, give turn-by-turn directions, open apps and update status on Facebook and Twitter.

Since then Apple hasn’t released any major updates for Siri except for the ability to purchase tickets through Fandango in iOS 6.1.

Via: iLounge