Tim Cook at D11: Apple has a “Grand Vision” for Apple Television


Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher are currently interviewing Apple’s CEO Tim Cook at the AllThingsD’s D11 Conference.

Shortly after asking Tim Cook about whether Apple was losing its cool factor, Kara Swisher not surprisingly asked him about the status of the rumored Apple Television. At last year’s D10 conference, Tim Cook had said that it was an “intense area of interest”.

Tim Cook reiterated that it was an area of great interest. He had this to say:

We’re still playing in TV through Apple TV. For several years we were selling a few hundred thousand. We’ve now sold over 13 million. About half of those in the last year. That business has found many many more customers.

I think it’s been great both for customers and very good from a learning point of view for Apple. I think many of us would agree that there’s lots of things about the TV experience that can be better. We answered some of those, not all of those.

I don’t want to go into detail, as you might have guessed. But it continues to be an area of great interest for us. But I do think the product and the relationships we’ve built provide a lot more knowledge that we would have. And the popularity has been larger than we thought — we’re not marketing it like we do our other products. So it’s encouraging.

When you look at the TV experience, it’s not an experience that I think many people love. It’s not an experience that’s been brought up to this decade.

When he was prompted if there was a grand vision for Apple Television, he said there was one but did not go into any further details.

It has been widely rumored that Apple will launch its own branded television set running iOS later this year.

Excerpts of the interview courtesy of The Verge who are live blogging the event.