Does each color in Apple’s WWDC logo represent a redesigned app?

wwdc13Apple’s known to hide subtle clues in its event invites each year, so this year shouldn’t be any different. The WWDC logo this year was a series of brightly colored roundrects stacked over each other. Some folks said that the shape hinted at an iWatch, while others noted that this is a sign of the “flattening” of iOS. However the logo might mean something entirely different.

Entrepreneur Joshua Merrill came up with the theory that each colored roundrect in the logo represents a redesigned app. He bases this theory on information about iOS 7’s redesign that leaked out earlier today, which said “each app has a white base with a respective color theme.” What further supports this theory is that iOS app icons are the same shape as the series of stacked objects in the logo.

The colors in the invite are pink/purple, green, orange, red, violet, blue, light blue and yellow. Green is known to be associated with Messages or Phone, blue with the App Store or Mail, violet with the Podcasts app, the pinkish purple with the iTunes app and orange with the music app. Your guesses as to what color scheme would each stock app use? (Keep in mind that there might be an entirely new “killer” stock app introduced at WWDC, according to some rumors.)

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