Reuters: Apple talking to suppliers about 4.7 inch and 5.7 inch iPhones for late next year

According to four anonymous sources who have spoken to Reuters, Apple is thinking about making bigger iPhones. They’re thinking of coming out with a 4.7 inch iPhone and a 5.7 inch iPhone at some point next year, probably in the second half. It should be noted that just because Apple is talking to their supply chain partners about larger iPhones, that doesn’t mean said larger iPhones exist.

Now let’s think about this logically.

First, the source is Reuters, so this isn’t bullshit. It’s one thing to read a rumor on some random Asian blog, it’s another thing altogether when publications like Reuters and The Wall Street Journal say something.

Second, you know as well as I do that Samsung is going to come out with a new Galaxy phone in 2014, and it’ll probably be bigger than today’s 5.0 inch Galaxy S4. How much bigger? I don’t know, but the trend is clear, their phones are getting bigger and bigger.

Third, Tim Cook isn’t dumb. He and his lieutenants probably travel to Asia on a fairly regular basis and they see what the locals are using. Trust me, the first time I saw a person on the streets of Taiwan make a phone call on a 7 inch tablet, I was taken aback. But then it happened a second time. And a third time. And by the time I left the country three weeks later, I didn’t even notice people doing that anymore since it was so commonplace.

But again, just to remind you, the iPhone 5S this year will look exactly like the iPhone 5. And these big iPhones, don’t even think about seeing them until the second half of 2014. Considering that we’re barely two weeks into June, that means you’re going to be waiting at least a year.