DigiTimes: Apple and TSMC deal is complete, first chip to be the 20 nanometer A8

Apple’s iOS devices, all of them, are ironically powered by Samsung. Samsung has been manufacturing chips for Apple since the very first iPhone rolled off the assembly line in 2007. Apple obviously wants to change this, and we’ve been hearing countless rumors saying that they’re going to switch to TSMC.

Well, according to DigiTimes, the deal between Apple and TSMC is now complete. TSMC will make the 20 nanometer Apple A8 chip starting in 2014, and they’ll also make future Apple chips using 16 nanometer and 10 nanometer chips when the technology is ready.

Who exactly is TSMC? You’ve probably heard of Qualcomm, right? The company that makes the “Snapdragon” line of mobile chips that power just about every Android phone on store shelves in Western markets . Their chips are actually manufactured by TSMC in Taiwan. So are NVIDIA’s chips actually. And so are many other company’s chips. TSMC isn’t the largest chipmaker in the world, but they’re pretty high up there.

We only have one question: Will TSMC be forced to turn away orders for 20 nanometer parts because Apple ordered so many damn chips? Something to think about next year.