This could be the plastic rear shell of Apple’s cheaper iPhone [Updated]

French website has published two photos of what could be the rear shell of Apple’s cheaper plastic iPhone, dubbed iPhone Lite. points out it could easily be a Chinese clone, but certain aspects of the rear shell such as the holes for the rear camera, microphone and LED flash and the rounded rear edges are in-line with the rumors we’ve heard so far.

It also matches with the purported schematics of the cheaper iPhone, which leaked last week.


In May, Japanese blog Macotakara had reported that the cheaper iPhone will be available in multiple colors, However, Macotakara had received conflicting information from its sources about the colors. One source told them it will come in navy, gold orange, white, and gray, whereas another insisted that it will come in white, pink, green, blue, and yellow orange. If the photo above is indeed that of the cheaper iPhone’s rear plastic shell then it looks like their second source was right, it will be available in white, pink, green, blue, and yellow orange. It won’t be available in black.

It has been widely speculated that Apple will launch the cheaper iPhone alongside iPhone 5S later this fall. According to rumors, it will come with the same 4-inch Retina display as the iPhone 5 and the factory unlocked version of iPhone Lite could be priced between $250 to $350.

Update: has just published two more photos of the plastic rear shell of the cheaper iPhone in yellow and red.

cheaper_iphone_colors-2 Via: MacRumors